Thursday, March 31, 2011


When I was blessed enough to attend The Ohio State University I was just another student among the 52,000+ students at the Columbus campus.  I didn’t really know what I wanted to “do with my life” and I certainly didn’t know where it would lead me.  I’m proud of my framed diploma.  It reminds me that I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to.  Fast forward to 2011.  I’m sitting at my computer in Spotsylvania, VA.  Basically, I’m a Yankee living on a Confederate Battlefield.  I think God has a really good sense of humor.

I love the rich history of this area.  I don’t particularly like when I hear neighbors talk about “running into town,” as we live at least 20 minutes from the conveniences of life.  However, I love how quiet it is in my neighborhood.  I love that this area brings people from across the country together.  I love the trees and the trails.  I love that I can see the tips of the Blue Ridge on a clear day, but I can brave I-95 and see DC in about an hour.  There’s a certain simpleness to this life that I truly appreciate.

As a mom of a 7 year old son and a 4 year old daughter, I am consistently reminded of simplicity.  You may ask, “How is that??”  Let me explain.  My kids’ spirits grow on simplicity. 

Their request this week was for a pack of balloons.  Easy enough.  I spent $1 on a small bag of assorted colored balloons.  They have spent this week completely entertained by these balloons.  They have adorned them with drawings, brought them to life.  These balloons have traveled to school to be bounced around the gymnasium, they have names, and “abilities” as Elliot refers to them.  Who knew $1 could buy so much fun?!

I reread a verse this week that really spoke to me on this topic, Colossians 3:2.  It reads, “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” (NIV 2011)  I have been reminded, once again, that it’s not the expensive things, the earthly things, which bring my children joy.  It’s the simple things.  When I watch them relish those simple things, my mind is set to things above; as I am reminded what is really important.  It is not in the material “stuff” that we are to look to for our joy.  It’s in our blessings…the giggling of my kids as they bounce these balloons around and draw silly faces on them.  They are making memories for themselves and for John and me.  And, it’s wonderful.