Monday, July 9, 2012

My Own Brave Girl

Watching "Brave" with my Brave Girl
John and Elliot drove to Columbus yesterday afternoon—just the two of them.  Sydney and I are here at the house—just the two of us (well, together with a dog, a cat, and a lizard).  This is the first time that my boys have taken a road trip—just the two of them.  I’m doing my best to swallow my emotions because I have to admit,  it’s not easy to have my two favorite boys go to one of my favorite places without me. 

John needs to help his sisters clean out some more things from his parents’ home.  It’s conveniently located just 2 blocks from my parents’ home.  Elliot gets to spend some much needed time with family there.  The loss of John’s mom has been difficult for Elliot. I know he has a lot of questions swirling around in his mind and sadness in his heart.  I’m hopeful that having a few days to drink in familiar faces and places will heal his heart a bit. 

Sydney and I went to the movies last night and saw Brave, our own Girls Night Out.  We ate candy for dinner (hush John, it's ok sometimes), we talked during the movie, and we sat in the "tippy top row."  It was fitting movie, given that the heroine realized how much she loves and needs her mom.  Sydney is happy to be with me 24/7 at this stage in her life.  Frankly I am not looking forward to that changing anytime soon.  Sydney’s 5 year-old body sat on my lap; and in the darkness, wearing our poor-fitting 3-D glasses, I was said a prayer of thankfulness for this special time with her. 

Sydney is absolutely adorable.  I realize I am completely biased, but I cannot help it.  She says and does the sweetest things.  Last week I was having a weepy moment while on the phone with my mom.  She walked into the kitchen and hugged me.  She slept on John’s side of the bed last night.  She looked very small against that king-sized pillow.  She sleeps on her back with her arms down at her sides.  Who does that??  She talks in her sleep too.  She doesn’t just mumble either…she speaks complete, full sentences with emotion.  Sometime around 2 a.m. she announced something about a blue sour gummy worm and not wanting to play a game.  After getting my initial heart rate down from the unexpected wake up, I found myself laughing out loud. 

When the boys aren’t home we listen to “girl music” as she calls it.  We turn up the Indigo Girls and dance around the kitchen.  We chew bubble gum and take ridiculous pictures of each other on the Photo booth app.  She makes me laugh.

John is in the basement at his parents’ house.  That basement is like a time capsule.  Each creaky step down takes you deeper into yesteryear.  Basements in Grandview Heights aren’t the sun-filled walk out kind of the east coast.  Basements in Grandview are musty and dark, but at least cool in the summertime.  I don’t even know if what he’s uncovering has much memory to him.  I think much of it is stuff that accumulates when a family lives in the same house for over 40 years.  I’m certain he will uncover a few memories though.  Old houses tend to be keepers of items that you may think you have forgotten, that is until you find them.  The memory bank is funny like that. 

So, for the next couple days while John is busy with his sisters sifting through their family’s home, Sydney and I will be here making new memories of our own.  I’m reminded yet again at how precious my children are to me and how deeply I love the bond I get to share with them.

Thank you for reading.
Syd's fancy fingernails :)