Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dream a Little Dream

God has a funny way of bringing things back into our line of sight over and over when they are really meant to be.  This can be a good thing, and in some instances not such a good thing.  For me, this particular post is about something that was brought back after spending years being seen by my mom-eyes--you know the ones that you grow in the back of your head once you become a parent.  I see things back there but it's not always the thing I am focused on.  Unless of course it's Elliot about to combine all the materials in his chemistry science kit into one test tube, then it becomes my main focus, but that's another story.

Back in September Lifepoint was fortunate enough to have Pastor Daniel deliver a sermon series called "Living the Dream."  Along with the messages was a group study.  We spent six weeks learning about dreams and what God "dreams" for our lives.  To say it was great would be an understatement.  I was just living my "ordinary life" and God came along and reignited this dream I had.  By about week 3 I knew a dream I had placed on the back burner was beginning to boil over.  I took a leap of faith and pursued it. 

I majored in Spanish Education and psychology in college (perhaps only one reason it took me more than 4 years to graduate--writing that with sarcasm).  It was my dream to teach high school students and eventually become a school psychologist.  The Living the Dream series and study could have reignited my desire to pursue my Masters Degree so that I could get into teaching and counseling; however, I knew that season had not yet arrived.  But, I realized I was at the perfect place in my season in life to start living the root of my dream--working with high school students.  What a light bulb moment!

I have this passion inside me for high school students. I love young people and want to make an eternal impact.  I shared with my Ladies Lifegroup my desire to live this dream.  Their support indicated that I was headed in the right direction. Since December I have been leading a Student Lifegroup of upper level high school girls.  

These girls are nothing short of amazing.  They have big hearts and many wear their emotions on their sleeves.  I remember being that age...feeling scared, insecure, and trying to figure out "who am I?"  These girls inspire me though.  They are rooted by their faith.  They take risks and live life in bold ways.  I am honored to know them and even more honored to lead them.  Surely they will leave a lasting imprint on my heart after they graduate.

It's amazing to me that out of courage (because believe me I was somewhat scared to follow this dream) has become something great and has the potential to make a big difference.  My hope is that I can reach the heart of one of these girls that really needs reaching.  I want my home to be a place where they can share and grow.  I want this group to be a place where they realize a dream that God has for their life.

In one of the messages Pastor Daniel said, "courage to execute the dream is the difference between a man that makes a difference and a man that doesn't."  Here's to hoping I'm making a difference.  And, here's to hoping being part of a small group grows the courage they need to execute their dreams.

When was the last time you explored what dream there is for you?  Are you living a dream?

Thanks for reading.