Tuesday, July 28, 2015

In the Summa Summa Time

I have been slacking writing on this blog.  Major slacking.  I've wondered often, "who even reads it?" And, "why keep writing?"  I guess when I first began it was for me; the added bonus that people read it was just that, an added bonus.  I miss the blog, so here I am.  

It's the last few days of July.  It's our 7th week of summer break.  Our summer has been busy with summer swim team, visits from family, time spent with friends, and for me there has been a lot of studying.  I took my Praxis exam last week.  I'm hoping to obtain a Virginia teaching license.  I'm hoping to become a retired substitute teacher.  Ha ha.  The exam covered a lot of material.  I studied for weeks. It was a learning experience.  The kids saw me take a risk.  They saw me struggle to relearn material from 12 or more years ago.  They saw me read, a lot.  They quizzed me with flashcards and told me when I was correct, and when I was wrong.  They were my little cheerleaders.  It was difficult--the studying and the exam.  I won't know the results until late next week. It feels like being placed on "pause" for an extended amount of time.  There's nothing to do but wait.  If I passed, I can start to look for full-time teaching positions.  If I didn't pass, I will keep subbing and also plan to take the exam again.  The strangest part to me is that I feel pretty calm with either scenario.  It is what it is.  

August is knocking on the door.  For us, it's a full month of pool time, humidity, sluggish runs, bike rides, crafts, reading (fiction, not text books!), sleeping in, and fun.  Still though, August is like the Sunday of summer.  August reminds us that all good things must come to an end.  August is a forecast to the school year.  I will savor August in her heat-filled glory.  

It's all too soon I will have a 4th grader and a middle schooler.  All too soon there will be football and sweatshirts and pumpkin flavored everything.  The air conditioning will be replaced with open windows.  Our suntans will fade, but the memories of summer will remain.  Endless hours of listening to my kids in their made-up, silly games will be replaced with homework.  The leaves will change into their hues of gold.  I know it's coming.  

Hold off fall!  I will look away when I see Halloween decorations in the stores in July (I've seen them already).  Don't rush me Target.  We are still using our beach towels and wearing flip flops.  

Hold on to summer.  Turn your face to the sun and take a moment to slow down.  Stop along the way. 

Thanks for reading.