Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Where Are You?

March 17, 2014: Virginia received yet another snow storm and then had yet another snow day.  The only thing living in our house that was overly excited by this was Thurman, our Golden Retriever.  Even our snow shovel is tired.  I saw a funny picture on Facebook today that had the Easter Bunny yelling for Santa to come get the snow.  It made me think...is this Jack Frost's joke to us because the retail industry is always rushing us on to the next holiday?  Of course I don't actually believe this, but it is comedic relief to the fact that a half a foot of snow fell in and around DC just one day after it was 70 degrees on the National Mall.  My kids have had 16 snow days this school year.  This has caused such commotion in the number of instructional hours that the school board voted last week to add an additional 25 minutes to each school day until the end of the school year.  The first day of the added time was to begin yesterday.  Yesterday was a snow day.  Is this funny to anyone else, or is it just me?  I have to find a way to laugh about this.  If I don't, I feel I will begin to develop a twitch and find myself living my own version of The Shining.  I half expect creepy twins to be waiting for me at the top of our stairs or decide it's a good idea to let Sydney and Elliot ride scooters in the house (I'd say Big Wheels, but we don't own them).

I have an extra amount of respect for those I know who live in climates where it is a long, cold winter.  To my friend in Minnesota, you are a hearty soul.  May you find your winter's thaw in yummy things like potato soup and warm blankets.  Growing up in the winters of Central Ohio I can remember the old window panes in my room forming small ice crystals on the inside on particularly cold nights.  I would scratch at the bits of frost and watch it melt down the cold panes.  I was fascinated by this.  I loved winter.  Sledding, hot chocolate, and the excitement of snow.  Now, as an adult, I have a countdown to the pool opening.  As of today, it's 67 days.  In 67 days I will yell "grab a towel and some flip flops" instead of working up a sweat stuffing Elliot into gloves and snow boots.  If for some reason it still hasn't warmed up, I will sit poolside with our infamous heat dish.  

So here's to an end to winter, to long summer days and warm evenings.  Bring on the fireflies, the cherry blossoms and the long OUTDOOR runs I have planned.  I can't wait to break up with the treadmill. 

Thanks for reading.

Thurman and his heat dish

St. Patrick's Day Snow Storm