Friday, August 22, 2014

Long Live Summer

Hilton Head Island, August 2014
Today is my last Friday of summer vacation.  I accepted a long-term assignment at the kids' school for the first few weeks of summer.  It's an assignment in special education.  I suspect I'll be writing about my experience. How is it when we leave school on that coveted "last day" it seems the whole summer is before us, but all of a sudden I'm scrambling to get supplies together?  I'm quizzing the kids on their math facts while we are riding in the car doing back-to-school errands because I'm worried they've forgotten everything they worked so hard to learn.  Our library bag has been heavy this summer and Sydney has literally walked into many walls because her nose has been stuck in a book, but the math facts...oh the math facts.  Forgive me in advance, teachers.  If grades were awarded by how much time we spent swimming and laughing, my kids would get stellar grades. :)

Some of this summer's highlights have included swim team, more lost teeth, an extended visit from my niece, miles of runs and bike rides, a trip to Hilton Head Island, and sleeping in late.  It's been a rarity to see Miss Sydney before 9 a.m.  Even Elliot has been sawing logs until 8 o'clock!

I could be hard on myself for not doing "enough" of the math facts, crafting, or chores; but this morning I am instead reflecting on what's been good and fun and memorable.  If my kids can look back at this summer and say it was great then my work here is done.  I hope on that first writing assignment of "what did you do this summer?" that it's hard for them to choose just one thing.  I know for me it is.

So, here's to one of our last weekends of warm weather and sitting poolside.  Here's to humidity and Sydney Brown Berry (this kid gets her skin from my dad and she's soooo tan!).  Here's to delicious summer foods and underwater pool pictures.  Here's to family cartwheel contests and visits to Sweet Frog.  Long.  Live.  Summer.

Thanks for reading and best of luck transitioning back into the school year.  You can follow our adventures here on the blog or on Instagram.  I'm @mrsv_runsoncoffee.

Underwater photos are so much fun!

Biking Hilton Head

Into the ocean she goes
Elliot goofing around
Magnificent is being 7

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  1. Oh goodness…I didn't even think about math facts!! our summers and sentiment as moms are similar. I left my girls in TN with my family and I came back for the work week so I was quite sentimental on Friday, too. God Bless you and your family in your school year!! :) Sarah