Tuesday, February 23, 2016

And then this....

It is a cold, rainy Tuesday.  I am not working at the school today, but I am working on school work.  I am creating lesson plans, reading about lesson planning and classroom management.  I was assigned to watch a YouTube video on classroom management. I watched the video.  It was so, so good.  The young teacher in the video had great control over his class.  However, through the 38 minutes of the video our computer's virus protection program was making an annoying notification sound, to alert me that our software license has expired.  There is a communication error between the renewal and some box that needs checked or unchecked within the program so that it can stop notifying us that it's expired.  We renewed...the program isn't smart enough to know that.  In order to make the alert sound stop, I need to know our password to get into the settings of the program to change the communication error.  I text John.  He doesn't remember the password.  He suggests resetting the password.  I cannot reset the password because the program doesn't believe me that I know the answer to a security question.  The question is asking me what John's high school nickname is.  I know this answer.  I even called John to double check.  We tried a couple variations.  No go.  The sound continues.  I was annoyed.  I attempted to shut down the program.  I was alerted that I need to answer the security question.  It wants a new password.  I click "reset password."  It wants the security question answer to reset the password. Ugh.  I'm beginning to feel like the emotion Anger from the movie Inside Out.  
I need a break so I decide to go for a short run.  It's cold, but for the time being it's drizzling.  I get a mile into the run and the rain picks up.  Suddenly I also have to pee.  I jog back home.  Grrr....

Feeling angry, annoyed, and hungry (never a good combination) I look on the kitchen counter and see a photo I had gotten out the other day when I was hunting pictures of Elliot for his birthday.  It's a simple moment.  I love it.  It makes me laugh out loud.  I look at it while I eat lunch. I'm still looking at it while I am typing this.  It reminds me to cool anger off. 

I go back to the computer.  I find a different setting and shut the notification off.  I bypassed the program's settings.  I feel better.  Elliot is adorable.  I hope he also remembers to laugh when he is frustrated. 

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  1. I --SO-- have bad days like these. They pulverize you. So glad you found a way to smile and cool down!